Our Happy Place: Up North // Northern Michigan

One of the things we love about living in Michigan is that it is home to this magical place known to us Michiganders as “up north.” It’s home to what Country Living calls “the most beautiful island in America,”Mackinac Island, and what Good Morning America called “the Most Beautiful Place in America,” Sleeping Bear Dunes.  We’ve been blessed to travel to a lot of pretty amazing places, but honestly, there’s really no place like up north.  


I get that if you’re not from Michigan you probably doubt that there’s anything all that more special about this mythical place than anywhere else, but I promise - there is something about the combination of the water, beaches, beautiful small towns, and the outdoors that just recharges your soul.



There are a lot of beautiful places to visit up north - a few of our favorites are Mackinac Island, Traverse City/Leland, and Petoskey.  In fact, we just returned from a week in Mackinaw City (yes, they are spelled differently), and are headed back “up north” to Petoskey in a few days.  We’ll be camping, and I’m already looking forward to the fresh air, and of course - Lake Michigan. 


Our kids absolutely love camping (or RV-ing technically), and I have to admit, it doesn't get much better than sitting around a fire together, making s'mores and watching the sunset!  If you've never been "Up North," put it on your bucket list.  It's one of those places that doesn't disappoint, and I promise it's worth it!

Have you been Up North lately?  What’s your favorite Up North place? 


See all that, talk about the beauty of
the Bay of Naples! I’ve seen them both,
and no place is more beautiful than
Little Traverse in its autumn colors.
— Ernest Hemingway, at Little Traverse Bay