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Back To School

Well, it's official.  Summer break is officially over.  This morning our three oldest kiddos started school, and our little guy starts on Wednesday.  It's hard to believe it's already here, but sure enough, this morning our 1st, 3rd and 5th graders got on the bus and off they went!  Even though this day comes every year, it's hard not to stop and think about how fast time is racing by as they get older.


At the same time, there's something nice about getting back into a somewhat normal rhythm around here.  It always takes a little time to readjust, and the days fill up quickly, but having a schedule again can be actually be a bit of a welcome change from the adventures of summer.


We've definitely been preparing for this day for a few weeks now, getting backpacks loaded up, school supplies crossed off the list, and visiting open houses to check out new classrooms and teachers.  I think we're all as ready as can be, and we're super blessed that our kiddos love school as much as they do!  


We sent them off this morning with our annual first day of school photos, and are looking forward to them coming home so we can hear all about new friends, new grades and new adventures!

What are your back to school traditions?  How do you get ready for a new school year?



You’re off to great places,
today is your day.
Your mountain is waiting,
so get on your way.
— Dr. Seuss